Free Downloadable Resources

Free Downloadable Resources  
Beck ferrari

Bereavement Book List for Secondary Schools

Lost for words

Lost For Words 
Many bereaved children are left #LostForWords by death, others simply haven’t enough words to express themselves. This new resource shares supportive words and emojis from children who know how it feels.

How to Help

How to Help 
Sometimes, people around want to help the individual who is bereaved.  They want to help but they're not sure how. Here are some suggestions for how the individual, their parent/carer, teacher friends can support them.

Bereavement ideas for parent and carers

How to Help 
Sometimes, people around want to help the young person who is bereaved.  They want to help but they're not sure how. Here are some suggestions for how parents and carers can support their young people.  

Traumatic Bereavement conversations

Active Monitoring Log

This template can help you log and structure the information that will help you identify if the child or young person is experiencing a traumatic bereavement and will help you decide about when to make a referral. This should be completed by the trusted adult.

Traumatic Bereavement conversations

Having sensitive conversations with traumatically bereaved children and young people (PDF)


Traumatic Ber Parents

Having Sensitive Conversations with Parents/Carers

UKTC pic

Guide for schools & colleges 

A comprehensive written guide for school and
college staff including supporting tools and handouts compiled by the UK Trauma Council.

Link to Video, an introduction to the material. 

Traumatic ber

Referrals for specialist support – key information to include (PDF)

Traumatic Ber Parents

Traumatic Bereavement A Guide for Parents/Carers

Traumatic ber

Traumatic Bereavement Assessment Grid

Close monitoring can help in spotting patterns in the child or young person’s difficulties. If the child or young person continues to have frequent, persistent difficulties that impact on more than one area of their lives, this suggests it may be traumatic bereavement.

Signposting - Organisations and Support

Below is a listing of various organisations that can provide services relating to Bereavement.

If any of the details below require updating or amending, let us know

Please be aware that the organisations listed on this page are provided for information purposes only, and are not endorsed or recommended by STLS. You should always ensure that any service, activity, or therapy that you are considering for your child / young person is appropriate to their needs. 



Beck Ferrari
Beck offers information and support to bereaved children, their families and schools in Kent.

Beck ferrari

Childhood Bereavement Network 
This network is part of the National Children’s Bureau.  This site contains details of bereavement services for children throughout the UK. CBN also supports professionals working with bereaved children and young people, with information updates, key resources, and networking opportunities.


Cruse offers bereavement counselling support for adults and children with local branches nationwide. 


Hope Again 
Hope Again is the youth website of Cruse Bereavement Care. It is a safe place where they can learn from other young people, how to cope with grief, and feel less alone. Here a young person will find information about their services, a listening ear from other young people and advice for any young person dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Hope again

Grief Encounter
Grief Encounter helps children and young people with confusion, fear, loneliness, and pain, providing a lifeline to cope, with free, immediate, one-to-one support.

Grief encounter

Holding On Letting Go 
A Kent-based charity that helps children to cope with the death of someone close to them

Holding on letting go

Brake’s National Road Victim Service
This is a free, confidential, specialist service for those who have been bereaved or seriously injured in a road crash or are supporting a road crash victim.


Child Bereavement UK
This is a national charity offering a helpline for advice for families and professionals and a wide range of resources.

Child bereavement uk

Salus offers a huge range of innovative services to children and young people who may need support to deal with the challenges they face to ensure they can achieve their potential.


Slide Away
Slide Away offers support to children and young people in West Kent who have been bereaved of a family member or friend.  They also support children and young people who have a parent or sibling with a life-limiting illness. 

Slide away

Slide Away Young People's Area 
This is the Young People's part of the Slide Away website.

Slideaway YP area

UK Trauma Council
Free, evidence-based resources to support schools, colleges, and practitioners working with traumatically bereaved children and young people.

UK Trauma Council

Winston's Wish 
Winston's Wish provides emotional and practical bereavement support to children, young people, and those who care for them. Their expert teams offer one-off and ongoing bereavement support and WW also provides online resources, specialist publications, and training for professionals.




Video Shorts

Clinician Beck Ferrari discusses with SENCO Nicola Jackson how adults working in schools and colleges can talk with children and young people experiencing a traumatic bereavement.

Traumatic Bereavement - This animation introduces concepts that are key to understanding traumatic bereavement.

Traumatic Bereavement in Secondary Schools - A Student's Perspective. UK Trauma Council


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