Nexus Wouldham Criteria

Nexus Wouldham

Admissions Criteria:

  • Nexus Wouldham is a satellite provision for pupils with significant needs in one or more areas of development / learning. However, would benefit and cope with the social opportunities and demands as well as learning experiences that can be provided additionally due to it's locations within a mainstream setting.
  • It is not suitable for pupils that need a highly structured and bespoke curriculum that cannot work as part of a small group without 1:1 support and would struggle with the environmental demands of its location within a mainstream setting.
  • The pupils would typically have an established effective means of communication and would engage independently with small group and whole class routines / work sessions.
  • Age Range 5-11; Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2
  • All pupils will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
  • Maximum of 36 pupils across both key stages, 4 classes of 9.
  • All satellite pupils will be registered on the Nexus School Roll.
  • The expectation is that any pupil attending the satellite will have capacity to access opportunities within the mainstream environment as well as their specialist class bases.
  •  Pupils will also be expected to have enough emotional regulation to be able to cope, to some extent, with the mainstream environment. The satellite is not resourced or suitable for pupils whose challenging behaviour presents a risk to themselves or others and/or whom have a primary need of SEMH.
  • The satellite provision is not suitable for any pupils whose SEMH needs manifest themselves in high levels of dysregulation that would then require them to need high levels of adult intervention in order to keep them and others safe including children who may seek to abscond / have no awareness of self- preservation.
  • An assessment placement may be offered over 6 weeks where there is uncertainty about the validity of a long-term placement within the setting. This will provide an opportunity for assessment by a range of professionals, including school and therapy staff.
  • All of the above are subject to available places in the appropriate year group and the compatibility of needs within the current peer group.


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