Nexus 088

Values & Ethos

  • At Nexus we believe each and every one of us has an important role to play within the school community.

  • We value the uniqueness of every student and the contribution that person has to make to the world.

  • Our core purpose is to develop the individual, ensuring students stay safe and healthy and are taught how to make choices and influence decisions about them and their lives whilst at school and into their futures.

  • Students are taught the independence skills they need to help them take their place in the community, and above all develop their self esteem and self worth.

  • At Nexus we work within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum and offer a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that extends beyond the traditional.

  • Our belief in a personalised learning approach highlights meaningful and realistic classroom practices, based on needs and interests, using focused assessment for learning.

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