The Engagement Model

EngagementExploration Realisation Anticipation Persistence Initiation

“Children with Special Needs need assessment which is wrapped around them to capture their learning.” Barry Carpenter
The Engagement Model is an assessment tool to help schools support pupils who are working below the level of the national curriculum and not engaged in subject-specific study. 
The Engagement Model 
Is a unique method of observation
Uses a pupil-centred approach that focuses on abilities
Values all sources of knowledge and information provided by those working with/ caring for
the pupil
Promotes consistency and a common language
Recognises there is a complex interaction between pupils' physical, sensory, communication and learning disabilities 
Engagement 1The Engagement Model Guidance 2020
DefinitionsDefinitions - Areas of Engagement
ScalingScale - Areas of Engagement
ProfileProfile Template - Areas of Engagement
Engagement modelTwinkl The Engagement Model Adult Guidance Video
TwinkleEngagement Model Resources
Engagement maodel info for parentsEngagement Model Information for Parents
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