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These Information sheets are downloaded from the Kent STLS Physical Disability Team's website.
The Kent STLS Physical Disability Team offer a range of helpful advice and training opportunities.  Click to view their website
PdAcquired Brain Injury
Information for schools and parents around the educational challenges for learners with an acquired brain injury
Information to support schools and early years settings welcoming children with allergies
Information for Early Years setting welcoming children with severe asthma into their settings.
PdClaiming DLA
Advice for parents claiming Disability Living Allowance for the first time; completing forms, benefits calculator, FAQs
Pd19 in Children & Young people
Advice for schools and early years settings on recognising COVID-19 and hyper-inflammatory shock
PdCystic Fibrosis
Information for teachers to inform planning for a learner with Cystic Fibrosis, meetings challenges and resources for inclusion
Useful information about supporting CYP with diabetes in school or nursery - accompanies Early Years training on Care Plans and Risk Assessments
PdDyspraxia and PE in KS2
Ideas for the inclusion of students with coordination disorder, in PE lessons.
Information for Early Years Settings and schools welcoming children and young people with epilepsy into their setting
PdExecutive Functioning skills allow us to take on new knowledge and skills and then apply them to new situations. In atypical neurodevelopment, there will be an impact on how the student learns and processes information and skills
Information and advice for early years settings supporting children with gastrostomy feeding
Introduction to Hemiplegia and how it may impact at different ages in children and young people.
Information to help understand hypermobility and some of the implications for learners in school
PdIncludes Us 2
Listening, Supporting, Empowering disabled children and their families in the Ashford, Dover, Folkestone and Hythe Districts. Other useful links for families living in other parts of Kent
PdInclusive PE for students with PD
Introduction to planning for the inclusion of all students with a physical disability or complex medical needs. Suitable for all ages.
PdManaging Fatigue
Practical strategies to help schools understand and effectively include learners with extreme fatigue due to a medical condition
PdMoving On to Secondary School
A workbook for students with a physical disability or complex medical needs to help them prepare to move on to their secondary school
PdMoving On Workbook Guidance
Guidance to help you complete the Moving On workbook for young people with a physical disability or complex medical needs preparing for secondary school transition
PdMultisensory Learning
Introduction to multisensory learning and ideas to support learners, through all Key Stages, who particularly benefit from this approach
PdSensory Circuits
Introduction to Sensory Circuits often recommended for children with poor coordination, balance and self-regulation difficulties.
PdSupporting Mental Health in our schools
Ideas and links to resources to support CYP with mental health needs related to their PD or medical needs
PdTherapy Support in Kent
The PODD is your main link for finding community therapy services and advice for children and young people in Kent
PdVACTERL Association
This is a condition that is described as an association because it affects at least three out of the seven areas which are described in the acronym: vertebral, anal, cardio, traceo, oesophageal, renal, limb
PdWheelchairs in schools and EY Settings
Important information for schools and EY settings on risk assessing and supporting children and young people using wheelchairs on a daily basis
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