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Every child a talkerEvery Child A Talker: Child Monitoring Tool and Action Plan
"The child monitoring tool enables practitioners to assess the developmental level of children’s speech, language and communication. It is structured across 4 strands which, although appear separate, are interlinked.  
It is proposed that observations link to the best fit for a child in each strand (see information on the reverse of the tool). The information is to be put onto the overview sheet along with the child’s chronological age in months. The developmental stage needs to be compared to the child’s chronological age to establish if the child is ‘at risk of delay’, ‘as expected’ or ‘ahead’ (see information on the reverse of the tool).  
This is a very powerful and informative tool and should be used on a regular basis to link outcomes to learning language across the provision." Leicestershire County Council
EcatEvery Child A Talker ECAT: National Strategies Guidance for Early Language Lead Practitioners
EcatECAT Child Monitoring Tool
EcatECAT Child Monitoring Tool Action Plan
EcatECAT Child Monitoring Tool Cohort Tracker
EcatECAT Frequently Asked Questions Link
EcatECAT - 10 Top Tips for Talking
Lanuage devStages of typical language development, with examples of what you might see and hear in a classroom or school environment.
I can helpI Can have put together a list of Apps to support a child's speech and language development
I canI Can - Ages & Stages  key information about babies and young children’s speech, language and communication.
I can earlyI Can - Early Language Behaviours


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