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Training Offer 2023 - 2024

 STLS Training Wallchart 2023 - 2024 - West Kent
Check out our pre-recorded and bespoke training options. 
If you would like to book a place on one of our training courses, or for further information on a bespoke course please e-mail Emma Holt,  at

Training In Term 3

Training - Term 3 2024

Please e-mail to book a place.
Autism & Anxiety

Monday 29th January 2024
9.30 a.m. - 2.30 p.m.
Venue: The Hive, North Tonbridge
Anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing young people with autism, their families and school.
This training aims to explore the understanding of mental health in autism and
explores some methods of helping individuals recognise and manage their anxiety.


On Demand Pre-Recorded Training

STLS 5Pre-Recorded Training
  • Each training has a live Q&A option. 
  • Following the training, you will receive a link to a bank of resources relating to the training. 
  • For further enquiries and to book click here.
Autism Awareness - 1 hour  

This Autism trainingtraining explores the diagnostic criteria for Autism, children's different presentations, strengths and difficulties, and classroom strategies that support inclusion. 
Dyslexia Awareness Training - 1 hour 

Dyslexia 2This course offers an overview of Dyslexia and the resources available to support dyslexic learners. Following the course, you will get access to a resource pack that supports this training.
Girls and Autism Awareness - 1 hour 

GirlsThis training explores the unique presentations of girls on the spectrum and recommends strategies and resources to support girls' wellbeing and inclusion.  
Please be aware, to access this training we recommend you complete the Autism Awareness Training first.
Interoception - Our Eighth Sensory System, Awareness Training. - 1hr 20min 

InteroceptionThis training explores Interoception, our lesser-known eighth sensory system and the impact it has on self-regulation.  We will also introduce programs designed to support the development of Interoceptive Awareness in children and young people.
Zones of Regulation Training - 50mins

ZonesThe Zones of Regulation is a cognitive-behavioural approach used to teach students how to regulate their feelings, energy and sensory needs, in order to meet the demands of the situations around them and be successful socially. This training will introduce you to the zones, the pathway through the zones program, strategies and differentiating the zones program.  

Training Overview, Booking and Contacts


Training information 
STLS Training Wallchart West Kent 2023 - 2024
If you are interested in any of our training or bespoke courses, please contact Emma Holt for further information.
STLS 5Emma Holt Tonbridge & Malling
STLS Executive Administrator 

Tel: 01732 207950 ext 1036

 Mob: 07950 580189
FAWTracey Bradley  Maidstone
STLS Senior Administration Officer

Tel: 01622 746660
Broomhill bankJulie Goodfellow Tunbridge Wells
STLS Business Support Officer
Telephone 01892 502466



AET Update

AET update:
Please could any school or setting who is interested in receiving the Autism Education Trust training contact Emma ( to register your interest.
This training is being delivered by STLS and the EPs currently. Please include some possible dates for this to take place and roughly how many people will be attending the training.
The Making Sense of Autism training is a free introductory session aimed at all staff and members of your school community that interact with your pupils. The training takes a minimum of 2 ½ hours and we are unable to split the session.
The Good Autism Practice training is a follow on from the Making Sense of Autism training and requires delegates to have attended the MSA training first or similar Autism training in the last 2 years. This training is a chargeable 4 hour training session that is offered on our training schedule but can be done as a bespoke training if required.
For more information on AET and the training please see the Autism Education Trust website.
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