“Really great trainers, very clear and concise. Warm and friendly, thank you.”

“As always… a wealth of information! Always good to have a refresher on paperwork. Also… insight to EHCPs! Really helpful.”

Early Years Paperwork Training


“Thank you so much - I now feel confident to know where to start.”

“Excellent training, really useful thank you.”

“Amazing amount of suggestions.”

Cognitive and Learning Assessments and Interventions


“Very informative and lots of useful information.”
NQT Workshop ASD Theory for NQTs

“I found everything covered today extremely useful and thought-provoking - thank you!”

ASD and Girls


“Really useful and helpful training and good presentation style.”



“Thank you for your time and support, this will be SO helpful.”

“Excellent and passionate tutor with lots of practical resources.”

Dyslexia for Parents


“Very informative course.”

InPrint 3


“Great teachers thank you! Both make the information clear and concise and interesting and relevant.”

“Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Again, a fabulous, useful training! Opportunities to share ideas, real life examples make the information more tangible! Thank you!”

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, fantastic course.”

“Just fantastic. Such a brilliant speaker - so engaging. Lovely way of explaining and clearly sharing her expertise. Thank you I have loved this course, certainly one that will stay with me.”

Autism Awareness for Early Years Settings


“All parents should be offered the chance to attend”

Parent from EarlyBird Plus course


“Pupil ‘A’s well-being is high, 5/5, and her resilience is improving”

Senco from primary school


“Life changing. Thank you.”

Parent from EarlyBird Plus course


“‘B’ has had such a good week and we are so proud of him.  We are seeing signs of self-regulation and some awareness of others’ needs and feelings”

Senco from primary school


“ Pupil ‘C’s handwriting has come on remarkably well and is barely recognizable as the same child from September”


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