Curriculum Impact

The aspiration for all pupils at Nexus is to achieve their potential in all aspects of their development. All pupil achievement and progress is celebrated and can be demonstrated by:

  • Pupils making progress towards/achieving their intended outcomes set with families for 12 months within the EHCP review meetings. These outcomes are informed by any relevant professionals working with the pupils. These targets are broken down by teachers into short-term targets over a period of 2 terms and are shared with families through Target Towers and celebrated through Assessment Books and Learning Journeys.
  • Pupils making progress/achieving in the curriculum planned by teachers. Progress and achievement in all subjects are within reports to parents/carers in either their Annual Reviews, Assessment Books, Curriculum Reports or Parent Consultations. Progress will be monitored through Pupil Progress Meetings which will be held with a member of SLT at the end of Terms 2, 4 and 6.
  • Achieving external accreditation for relevant-aged pupils e.g. AQA accreditation, Sports Leaders, Duke of Edinburgh Awards etc.
  • Using skills that have been developed in a wider range of contexts outside of the classroom, within the community or in a Work Experience context where appropriate.
  • Supported transition and integration opportunities within, in and outside of our setting.


How do we assess Learning and Development?

We use both formative and summative means of assessment.

We utilise Evidence for Learning which is an electronic platform which supports an eclectic number of assessment frameworks. Evidence for Learning also includes the ability to evidence and track progress against individual learning intentions and targets related to Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) which are shared with families through the Target Towers. Parents/Carers are also able to access this system to view evidence but also contribute evidence that enables a holistic view of each pupil’s progress. (Please see further tab for more information).

B-Squared, Connecting Steps has recently been introduced which is a standardised summative assessment framework. (Please see further tab for more information).

Within each Pathway tab, there are also details of specific Assessment Frameworks that are utilised to record and celebrate pupil progress.

Pupil Intervention Team

Pupil Intervention Team

Nexus School has a dedicated team established to support pupil intervention. Referrals to this team are made to support a wide variety of pupil need including emotional regulation, behaviour, communication and engagement, cognition and learning and physical or sensory needs. Referrals can be made for pupils from across the pathways and Nexus sites.

The purpose of the team is to ensure a consistent specialist support mechanism for the school as a whole. The process will start with a brief referral, followed by a triage approach to identify the appropriate next course of action and/or relevant support to be supplied. The team will work alongside staff members to assess, advise and embed strategies to enable pupils to make positive development in the identified areas.  

The team constitutes Lorraine, Jo and Charlotte. Each member has an area of expertise.

Jo is Pupil Intervention Manager (PIM) for Nexus is one of the Assistant Head teachers. Her role also encompasses overseeing the Nexus primary satellite provision at Wouldham Church of England Primary. Jo has worked at a number of specialist schools for pupils with complex needs and/or Autism in her career to date. She has a Cert.Ed. in Supporting Children in Autism and their families, is an AET accredited trainer as well as being SCERTS qualified. Charlotte is a trained Speech and Language Therapist, Makaton tutor, Intensive Interaction advocate and is SCERTS trained. Her current role is Communication and Engagement Specialist here at Nexus.   Lorraine is currently Behaviour Lead at Nexus, is the PROACT Instructor at Nexus and is also SCERTS trained.

Jo sharp      Charlotte parkhouse        Lorraine stapleton

Jo Sharp   Charlotte Parkhouse  Lorraine Stapleton

Intervention Flowchart

Target Towers and Assessment Books

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Evidence For Learning

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What is BSquared?

B squared is our online assessment tool that is used to measure the individual progress of our pupils in a range of academic areas. B squared also has a range of frameworks to support teachers planning and target setting for ‘Target Towers’ and EHCP outcomes. The students will progress through their learning on a scale of 1-10 and each level is broken down into many individual learning requirements. The programme is designed to show and measure small steps of progress. We can also use the Autism framework and the Communication and Interaction framework to inform and develop the Target Towers all of the students use. Please click on the link below for more information:

Connecting Steps Assessment Software for Schools - B Squared

Peter's Assessment Document

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