Term 1 2020-2021



Attachment and trauma

Attachment and Trauma 

20th Oct 2020

With this introduction to Attachment, we aim to help delegates recognise the issues involved, to enable them to better support pupils with attachment difficulties, and thereby to improve attainment, behaviour and overall wellbeing for both pupils and staff.


Managing Childhood Anxiety 

15th Oct 2020

Led by Beck Ferrari this course covers topics such as Why children worry? What keeps anxieties going? Practical ways to help children to manage their anxieties (drawing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Approaches) and the Resources, tools, and sources of support for anxious children

NQT Schedule

NQT/NQT +1 Training Schedule 2020-2021

This course will enable Newly Qualified Teachers and NQTs+I to identify some of the SEN needs of pupils in their classrooms and provide key strategies to support them.  Sessions include: Introduction to SEN including a Cognition and Learning overview, wellbeing and mental health, De-escalation, ASD theories ASD Strategies and, Attachment and resilience.


Dyslexia in the Classroom 

1st Oct 2020

This course is designed to equip teachers with an understanding of the barriers that Dyslexia presents to learning, alongside practical strategies for supporting learners in the classroom.

Communication and Interaction surgery

Communication and Interaction Surgery 

7th Oct 2020

The Communication and Interaction Surgery is a free drop-in session and provides an opportunity to discuss specific children that are of concern with regards to their communication and interaction needs or presentation in school.  

Cognition and Learning Surgery

Cognition and Learning Surgery (STLS and Speech and Language) 

8th Oct 2020

The Cognition and Learning Surgery is free drop-in session provides an opportunity to discuss children (either anonymously or named with parental permission) that are of concern with regards to their slow academic progress/speech and language needs.

SEMH Transition Surgery

SEMH Surgery - Supporting Transition 

19th Oct  2020

This free drop-in session will provide an opportunity to discuss areas of concern with regard to social, emotional and mental health and to support schools where there are concerns regarding those pupils who have recently transitioned from primary school to secondary.

Pathological Demand Avoidance

Pathological Demand Avoidance 

21st Oct 2020

This Awareness training aims to increase your knowledge of PDA and to increase your understanding of how to support a child presenting with PDA/Demand avoidant behaviour. The training will look at the link with an autism diagnosis and why some traditional ASD strategies do not appear to be effective. You will be shown resources and be signposted to websites that will support staff in school and the family at home.


Building Phonics Skills for Reading and Writing 

22nd Oct 2020

Phonics plays an integral role in our ability to read and write. This course looks at all aspects of phonological awareness and the ways in which these can be taught to enable successful readers and writers.

Early years Visual supports

Early Years Visual Support  

8th Oct 2020 

An interactive session looking at a range of visual support strategies that can be implemented in Early Years settings to develop and extend children’s learning.

Early Years Paperwork

Early Years Paperwork 

15th Oct 2020

This session will look at the range of Early Years paperwork, focusing on how and when to complete specific documents in line with the SEND Code of Practice. Time will be spent looking at Targeted Plans, Personalised Plans and the EHCP paperwork. There will be opportunities to discuss how best to complete the paperwork.

For those settings who will be completing EHCP paperwork, we will be offering a follow-up surgery to look at the completed paperwork prior to submission


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