What, Where, Why

In ICT this term, we took photos of our work and wrote about what we did. This student did some great work about festivals and sequenced a story. He then took photographs of this work and explained what he did.


We wrote letters to the Easter Bunny! Some of the students sequenced the letter using pre-written sentences and a guide. Some of the students were able to write the letter using ICT.


As part of our work on habitats, we completed a minibeast hunt in the sensory garden. We found lots of bugs – worms and flies and ants and spiders and bees! Students really enjoyed learning about minibeasts and were able to identify how many legs they had, if they had wings and where they live.

Once we completed our minibeast hunt, we coloured in minibeasts and painted leaves for our minibeast display! We are really proud of our minibeast work.

Every morning and afternoon, we complete our TEACCH worktrays. We learn lots of new things including maths, literacy, PSHE and science. This is a sequencing task about washing our hands.

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